Walk of solitude at Corniche beach shore

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“I never found a companion that was so companionable as solitude.” –Henry David Thoreau

When was the last time we truly gave ourselves a break?

When was the last time we enjoy walking in a beach shore enjoying fresh air while the sun sets, worry and stress-free?

We are in an era of countless discoveries and inventions. One development to another, things changed so fast that people just adapt with that pace. People are busy with a lot of things, all were in hurry, but, once in a while, a person needs to disconnect oneself from all pressures, problems, regrets, and stresses in this world.

Beach shore has always been my favorite place to disconnect from fast-paced, stressed world. I really enjoy the cool breeze of air that rushes to my skin, the sound of water bouncing to the shore and a delightful sight of sunset. Corniche area has been the favorite place of those people who want to spend quality time with their families, lovers or friends,with activities such as biking, swimming, fishing or picnic. Its also a place of work out for some, you can see lot of people having their jogging time or merely having brisk walks. Its also one of the beautiful  tourist spots here in Abu Dhabi. And for some, its a place to enjoy solitude, reflect and just be away with oneself.

The art of solitude has been ignored or rejected by most people because many regard it as loneliness which is for people who have no friends to spend their time with, but actually, solitude is far more than that. Solitude let us delve within ourselves, reflect on things, discover our own inner voice, discover new things and ideas and most importantly it let us see beyond what the eyes can see, we appreciate those small things around us and find ourselves peacefully enjoying each of that moment.

It’s always nice to have a good company with us especially if they are our loved ones, those are priceless moments to be always treasured, but once in a while, we also need a time with ourselves to reflect and appreciate things that really matter.

“Solitude is the place of purification”. – Martin Buber